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About Our Classes


General Asana Classes 

Yoga Path is a studio that offers a variety of classes to engage all ages and levels. Our teachers work hard to support students in living a healthy and compassionate life.

You can book online or just show up for class and let us do it for you!



Beginner Yoga

Learn very simple movements coordinated with the breath and gentle meditation techniques



Community Class

This all levels class is for anyone and everyone. Suggested donation of $8.



Endurance Yoga Flow

A strong practice that alternates between flowing and sustained poses. A workout for the whole body.



Gentle Yoga

A slow and easy-paced class that focuses on strength, balance, and flexibility. Class can be done seated in a chair as well.



Restorative Yoga

With the aid of props, soothing music, and gentle instruction, the body is guided to gently release tension through relaxing and supported poses.



Self-Care Yoga Flow

This is a great class to get your whole body warmed up and feeling good through simple flowing movements.



Sutra Sunday

A general level practice that integrates yogic philosophy with movement and breath.



Vinyasa I

A sequence of poses that builds on the traditional sun salutation sequences.



Vinyasa II

Level I/II offers variations to intensify the practice for those wanting a stronger practice.



Yin Yoga

Your mind is guided inwards towards self-acceptance and self-compassion, as the body, while in supportive poses, releases excess stress in the connective tissue



Yoga Flow for EveryBODY

Simple poses that are sequenced to gently and easily transition from one pose to the next.



Yoga for Mobility

This class focuses on learning to articulate specific joints of the body to allow for more movement options in daily life.



Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

Move through poses and then pause…check in with the breath. Build an intelligent understanding of how YOUR body moves best for YOU



Yoga Nidra & Reiki

This class brings together a practice of yoga meditation enhanced by (optional) energy healing.





“They take the time to give you personal instruction and in an easy way you become stronger and more flexible seemingly with little effort. Amazing instructors!”

-Mary Garland Vaughan Plauche

“Love the well trained, creativity of the Yoga instructors! And, I would highly recommend Yoga Path for beginners to advanced practitioners. Its quite refreshing to be able to explore various modalities in a such a beautiful, good vibe studio!”

-Lisa Bercegeay

“I am new to the practice of Yoga and was looking for a Yoga studio where I could learn YOGA. All the instructors at Yoga Path are amazing and I truly enjoy their classes. So glad I found this jewel of a yoga studio”

-Lois Young Stuckey

“This is one of my favorite places to be. The classes are challenging but nurturing. Kate educates about the body while she takes you through a sequence, promoting self awareness and acceptance. I learn something about yoga, myself and life every time I go. Thank you Kate!”

-Becky Buchanan

“Yoga Path has quickly become my second home, a fact which has little to do with the building the school is housed in (though it is a cozy and peaceful space, to boot). Kate has created a safe harbor to practice conscientious living while stretching the body and mind. Her approach to yoga as a philosophy and tool for living is what hooked me, and the great classes and community of people who practice there keep me coming back for more. I couldn't have asked for a better yoga school or yoga teacher with a grounded, real world approach to yoga, right in my back yard! Thanks, Kate!!!”

-Brittany Lynn Kriger