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We will always be your home

Mary Singleton

My aunt gave me a gift.  I wish I could have recorded her words so that I could relay them to you verbatim.  Here’s pretty close…

“It’s the people who have the courage to dig through their own shit to find peace that make this world a better place.  We all take up space in this world and we have an obligation to recognize and heal those parts of us that are toxic.  We all make mistakes and when we realize we keep making the same mistakes, and choose the action that brings us closer to resolving those issues, we become the people that put goodness back into the world.  That is how and why one is seen for their love and strength and resilience.  Its a choice to face your demons.  The strongest of people do.” 

Our beautiful Brittany has decided to leave teaching at the studio so she can continue to create space in her life to follow her calling.  I have had the honor of watching this inspiring, magnetic woman persevere through the challenges of stepping out of the box to do something that makes this world a better place.  She has exploded onto the scene of honoring women and their unique journey.  She has been a friend to me and a kindred spirit from day one.  Yoga Path will always be  better for her being a part of it.  Thank you Brittany for sharing your life with us.  Thank you for always championing me on my path.  You always have a yoga home with us.