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“…overwhelmed not so much by the sorrow of it all, but by the human dignity,  the almost supernatural ability to face the abyss and still order scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.”  —excerpt from The Probable Future written by Alice Hoffman. 

Every teacher training session we encourage our student-teachers to teach from personal experience.  Its the only way to integrate the material.  Its the only way to be authentic in your teaching.   

2018 leaves me questioning where I belong in this world.  Everything I hold dear, and everything I thought I believed was put to the test.  This questioning is intense, and its resolutions are powerful.   With regards to Yoga Path, I feel like I am finally finding my voice. 

Yoga Path has gifted me with some of my toughest lessons in growing up.  I think I’m finally realizing the worst that can happen is not even trying…that puts my heart and soul at stake.    Honoring and aligning my business with my voice is the best way I know to nurture Yoga Path into its fullest potential.   Changing my relationship with Yoga Path has endeared it to me.  

As I’ve started popping my head into the studio the past few weeks,   a few students have told me, “it  was like you were there one day, and then you were just gone!”  I can certainly feel how unsettling that must have been.  Being the owner and being in a position of making decisions without that personal, physical contact was difficult.  It was asking teachers and students for a huge a dose of trust, the respect that maturity graces us with, and the integrity that comes with living a compassionate life.  

Thank you. 

As I look to 2019,  I’m curious to see if I am really enough.  Its something so many of us struggle with, and I’m just done cowering in the corner.  I’m calling it into the ring.  I think its holding my sense of belonging hostage.