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New Year!


New Year!

Yoga Path

With the new year we parts ways, for now, with Coco Coleman as she and her family embark on a new adventure.  We send her on her way with much love and gratitude for our time together.  I had the honor, through teacher training, of witnessing Coco commit to meeting herself with compassion.  It has been awesome to see her carry the integrity of that intention into her daily life.  She has a heart of gold and an admirable strength of spirit.  We will miss you Coco!

The New Year also finds us welcoming two new teachers to the studio.  Adam St. Pierre and Rachel Webb.  I have not met Rachel yet, face-to-face, as she has been helping us out with classes at the studio so I can be home recuperating.  But the word on the street is we really like her classes and we like her! She will come begin teaching Vinyasa II on Saturday mornings at 10:30am.  

Alicia Willemet, a touchstone yoga teacher in this community and a soul sister for me, is taking time to honor her callings.  She’s doing that really great thing we do for ourselves when we listen to our heart, and then, get the job done. Luckily for us at Yoga Path,  she will still teach her Align & Flow class on Tuesday nights at 7pm.  Yay!!!

Adam will be teaching the Sunrise class Wednesday mornings at 6am.  Adam is good people! He is kind, has a light-hearted presence, and rocks a solid yoga practice.  He has indulged the Lagniappe series with his Metalasana Classes.  Fridays mornings he will skip the metal, but keep the asana!  He’s an all around likable guy who teaches a great class!

We are happy to be able to offer such a diverse group of teachers who not only honor the spirit of Yoga Path, but who also come from solid top notch training programs.  Our class schedule offers a variety of classes for people, no matter their skill, level, and age.   New to yoga?  Check out our upcoming workshop just for you!…

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