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There is a lot about money and the relationships we make around it that is very revealing. Getting my finances in order is something I have successfully avoided for most of my life. I avoided it because I knew my relationship with money was unhealthy, unbalanced, and irresponsible.  I knew to take a look at my finances meant I would have to make changes.  When we live each day on every conceivable level trying to maintain balance, healthy or unhealthy, it requires dedication and energy.  Change throws that out of whack. It requires even more.  

But, in no small part to a big injury, the perspective that comes with recovering, and the dedication and loyalty I have for our Yoga Path community, I finally did it.  Yoga Path is one of my duties in this life and a yoga lifestyle applies to the rules of running a business.  The Yamas and Niyamas (ethical principles for how you treat your self and others) is fundamental to getting along with your neighbors, supporting a co-op, creating a center for personal growth, nurturing a compassionate community, honoring debts, being sustainable, providing a good place to work, having integrity…  just to name a few ways this applies.

About 2 months ago, another hit of reality left me feeling stripped of any backbone of a belief system; and its not the first time Ive floated out here. Its the first time it happened while I’m homebound with a broken neck. Without the hustle and bustle of distractions.  This time I was floating in a void of “what the hell is all of this for?”. So, I drew all of my energy in and went into hiding. 

I began a spiritual process of discerning where I will again put my energy, and where I will not. I still don’t know what its all for, but I can sign up for belonging to the masses that have to wake up every morning and go to work and get the job done. I can sign up for belonging to things being way more simple than I have been making them out to be.  That it really is just being in the moment.  

One more thing I recently hooked into was the idea that just because someone else spins out of control or disturbs my calm and balanced efforts, its still just my work.  It doesn’t mean I have to isolate myself from said people.  We are everywhere.  It means I just have to come back to the moment.  Is this easy?  No.  To come back to the moment means I have to be in my body.  I struggle to stay in my body.  I love, love, love to float around in my thoughts. But coming back into the moment with a breath, and moving through the moment with awareness of the breath…it has always, always, brought release and ease to the moment of now.