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Why I love Mary Singleton

Mary Singleton

"One of the greatest (and least discussed) barriers to compassion practice is the fear of setting boundaries..." —Brene Brown


When do we decide to hold ourselves accountable?


Mary and I have had some very honest conversations about our challenges and triumphs in the boundless world of boundary issues. She is someone who has held me accountable. She has reminded me to honor my heart, believe in my talent, and focus on my dream. She has been a teacher to me in many ways.


Mary Singleton, first and foremost, is my friend. She's also been a student, teacher, co-worker, and colleague. She has invited me into her life and let me see what brings her joy and what breaks her heart. She has been a trusted friend who has let me share the same. I've watched her follow her heart and find her path through her undeniable talent and persevering work ethic. She is an amazing artist, excellent web designer, an innovative business thinker, and a solid friend.


In honoring her own heart and energy, she has decided to take a hiatus from teaching at Yoga Path. I say hiatus because the door is always open for her to come back. She's good, good people.


Boundary struggles don't isolate themselves to one particular area of our life...that's the very nature of a boundary issue. And guess where setting healthy boundaries begins...


Thank you, Mary, for keeping it real around here. You are very loved.

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