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Summer Schedule


Summer Schedule

Yoga Path

Yoga Path was first organized for the purpose of running the school. As more graduates shared their gifts of teaching, Yoga Path began to support an ever growing community of practitioners. Our studio holds the physical space where we can come and practice movement, breath, friendship, and peace. It is a place of respect, of compassion, and encourages self-acceptance through all phases of life. It is here that a community of kind and loving people come together to practice being authentic.

With the safety of the students at the forefront of the practice, our classes, our teacher training program and continuing education trainings provide the skill set that meets each student at the level of their ability. Yoga Path teachers learn to intelligently craft an adaptable practice that honors the uniqueness of our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. Our teachers have the compassion to sit with suffering, and their classes teach tools to help maneuver life with self-acceptance.

We hope you enjoy our summer schedule. We’re adding a 5:15am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a community class on Sundays at 3pm, and changed up that 7pm time to offer a more upbeat variety of classes. We are also offering our members a great incentive. You refer a friend to our studio, and if this friend ever chooses an auto-draft payment, you receive ONE FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED YOGA. You can also gift your month to someone you’d like to see around our studio!  

Yoga Path is also introducing our expanded payment options. We have more  than any other studio! We offer a huge variety of classes. We are in a great location on Jefferson Highway in the heart of Mid-City. We have a gorgeous space to practice and study. We offer massage therapy, individual sessions, and other great cutting edge methodologies like Eldoa, The Yoga Wall, somatic and energetic healing modalities. And thanks to Sylvia, we always have a bowl full of chocolate at the front desk!  Cuz that’s what we do here…take care of each other.