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General Asana Classes 

These classes are open to the public. Whether you have been practicing for years or never stepped foot on a yoga mat, we offer classes to meet you just where you are! 


Holiday class schedule

Closed 12/24-12/26. Classes resume on the 27th
Closed 12/31-1/1.  Classes resume on the 2nd.

Sunday Lagniappe Schedule

Lagniappe schedule
11/12 Kristine Taylor - Slow Flow
11/19 Beth Zagurski - Mythic Flow
11/26 Brandi Hanson - Yin Yoga for Shoulders
12/3 Trish Little - Vinyasa
12/10 Erica Del Mastro - Intro to Headstands
12/17 Bruce Williams - Breath Focused Meditation
12/24 & 12/31 No classes
Lagniappe resumes 1/7

Class Descriptions

Align & Flow

Experience freedom within through physical alignment! Inspired by the Principles of Alignment, this class offers a sweet blend of breath-linked movement to generate heat in the body with holding the poses to explore the subtleties and power of optimal alignment. These heart-centered classes also include yoga philosophy, chanting and meditation.



Ashtanga Flow


Vinyasa class will have an ashtanga base, synchronizing breath with a strong feeling of postures. We will practice discipline, focus, and awareness to unleash your inner strength, energy, and flexibility. We will end with a seated meditation, but you can always choose to meditate in savasana. 


This is a moderate level class that offers basic alignment principles, simple breathing techniques, and is paced to allow the safe application of modifications.(This class is good for all levels, but geared to the beginner student.)


An introduction to the poses and breathing techniques.  Movements are simple and slowly build in progression.  This is great for the very beginner or the experienced practitioner needing to get back to the basics.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a yoga practice done sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support.  This is a gentle class geared towards the elderly or those with mobility issues or injuries.  Done in a fun, casual atmosphere, the class develops strength, flexibility, and improves range of motion and balance.


This class adapts to who shows up!  It offers modifications for the beginner and variations for the more advanced practitioner.


This class provides a challenging practice for the experienced yoga practitioner.  Students are guided into sustaining asanas with the incorporation of pranayama, meditation and chanting.  (Asanas that are actively sustained for a length of time make it a very different practice from the vinyasa flow style.  This practice is not good for beginners.)


Gentle, slow movements that focus on healthy range of motion, strength, and balance.  Class begins and ends with mindful breathing and meditation.  


Soulful Sunday

This class provides a meditative, mindful practice. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints of the body.  It is a very slow paced class that uses lots of props. Poses are supported and sustained for 3-5 minutes.


Brighten your morning with an alignment-based yoga practice that will awaken your mind and body. Each class is carefully sequenced to warm up and explore the body's full range of motion. This class weaves together uplifting themes into the practice to link movement with breath. This class is for all levels, catering to the individual needs of each student who attends. No experience necessary!


Sunrise Yoga


Jumpstart your morning routine with an energizing general hatha practice.  Each month we'll work towards finding YOUR specific alignment in a specific asana as well as a yoga philosophy mindset.

A form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental, and emotional relaxation with the aid of props

Sunday Lagniappe

A variety of teachers with a variety of offerings.  You never know what you'll get...asana, pranayama, meditation, book study, chanting. All classes are general level.   Starts at 3pm on Sundays and you can bring a friend for free!

Yoga Nidra

This class provides a practice that is relaxing, nurturing, slow, gentle and calm.  It begins with 20 minutes of gentle stretches and focused breathing to release tension.  Then students are guided through a meditative journey that fosters a mind-body connection for personal growth and centering.   The safe and relaxing atmosphere restores balance

Walk-in $15
12-month membership  $70/month
Month-to-Month membership  $75/month
Student Membership $65/month

Other Payment Options
10 class plass @ $120/no expiration date
Pay single month (no auto-pay) @ $80

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