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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy

What types of Massage are offered at Yoga Path?

Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Athlete Care, Relax and Recharge, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal Massage, 30 Minute Tune up and more!

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Meet our Massage Therapist
Cody King LA #5393

"After working in the fitness industry for years, I came to appreciate the benefits of massage therapy as part of a comprehensive wellness program after sustaining injuries, myself. This led me to study massage therapy at Medical Training College in Baton Rouge, La. where I excelled and graduated valedictorian of my class. After 7 years in practice with highly respected chiropractors, and 4 years in a high-end spa, I have a unique approach to manual therapy which is both relaxing and effective. It would be my great honor and privilege to share all I've learned to help you discover a life with less pain, less stress and more joy! ~Namaste~" Cody King