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200hr Yoga Training


Fall 2019 Session
September 15th - December 15th

Students register for either day schedule or night schedule.
Both convene on Sunday.

Evening Class

Day Class

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Sunday 9:30am - 2:30pm

Tuesday & Thursday 8:45am - 11:45am
Sunday 9:30am - 2:30pm


Sundays is open to all yoga path graduates
from 11:45 am - 2:30 pm.
These sessions include one or more of the following practices:
Meditation, Asana, Pranayama, Chanting, Learning Lab.

Students must attend 36 additional asana classes during their training with Yoga Path Graduate teachers at Yoga Path Studio. Training includes unlimited studio classes for the duration of the course.

Once a month Philosophy Dinners! Bring friends and family. All ages invited. Attendance is encouraged.

Training includes guest teacher-led workshops covering topics including:

Chakras, History, Chanting, Meditation & Ayurveda

Why Yoga Path?

Yoga path teachers have earned a reputation for being able to adapt to many different levels and styles of teaching while effectively articulating the foundational principles of the practice that empower the practitioner. Our graduates can lead a variety of students through a yoga practice that aligns with the unique qualities and needs of the individual. Focused on scientific principles, ancient teachings, and current research, our program stands alone in its ability to provide a platform for personal enrichment while maintaining a high standard of integrity in teaching. Fostering an environment of compassion and transformation, student teachers are encouraged to meet themselves exactly where they are as they learn how to develop their practice of yoga and offer its lessons to their future students.

School Philosophy

The school is based on the lineage and teachings of Krishnamacharya.  This lineage  integrates the ancient teachings in a modern day application specific to the individual.  Students of the teacher training program are exposed to methods for approaching a class and assessing the individual needs of students through carefully applied modifications, adaptations, and variations.  Student-teachers develop the ability to be flexible in their class plans in order to accommodate the needs of their students.  They are guided by the principle of Ahimsa, do no harm, loving kindness.  

The role of teacher is one of integrity and responsibility and its realm extends beyond that of the physical practice.  Yoga Path strives to uphold the integrity of the profession when establishing a program which encourages accountability, self inquiry, growth and reliance on inner wisdom.  In the words of the Dalai Lama“It is through compassion that we see we are like others.”  When a student-teacher can take an honest look at their own boundaries and limitations than they are able to offer a sincere approach to the yoga practice. It is by this example that permission is felt by their students to honor the same within themselves.  This was a lesson among many that was given to Kate through her training at Kripalu.  They were always reminded to meet themselves where they were in the moment and accept it for what it was.  What they did with that information beyond that point, was their choice.  It was the inquiry that sparked the growth. It is this training that Kate passes onto her students. 

Payment Plans

In order to preserve the quality and efficacy of the teaching program, we will be limited to 6 student-teachers. If you wish to attend the program, a deposit of $200 is due by September 10th to hold your place. This deposit goes toward your total payment. The pay schedule offers three payments options.

Early bird of $2800 due by August 16th (includes $200 deposit)

One time payment of $3000 due September 15th (less $200 deposit).

Three installments of $1200 due on the first class of each month.
(less $200 deposit).

Lead Teacher Kate Suchanek
Co-taught by Beth Zagurski
and guest teachers

This program is registered with Yoga Alliance and meets all standards requirements.  Students will be exposed to the broad scope of yoga through Sankhya Philosophy, study pathways of gravity, biomechanics, teaching methodology, subtle anatomy, chanting, meditation, alternative healing modalities, history, and the business of yoga.  Students will also have teaching opportunites before graduating.

If you are interested in participating in the program but concerned about any scheduling conflicts, contact us. We are willing to work with you and join you on your path to becoming a certified yoga teacher. Let us address any questions you may have!

Contact us with any questions!


Yoga Path is an amazing studio. The teacher training program was robust, and I learned so much. I could not imagine a better place to have begun my yoga teaching journey. - Micah Caswell

I had practiced with Kate Suchanek as a student for many a year prior to my Teacher Training, With that said , she has always been someone I aspire to be like. Her grace and ease with which she leads her classes, her ability to cue her students into proper and safe alignment. Her compassion for people and love of Yoga coupled with her ability to bring that forward in her teaching, well lets just say, I wanted that. I got that and much more. Forever grateful to Yoga Path for their ongoing commitment of bringing Yoga and all of its principles into our community. - Becky Barton


Yoga Path taught me that we learn from our own experience and help others by allowing them to connect with their personal journey. There was always guidance and support with in-depth content presented in a way that connected me deeper to myself and my goals as teacher. The trainings are personal, connected, motivational and highly informational. This is my second family and my home away from home. I'm excited join in future trainings here to continue my education. - Ashley Thomas


I found exactly what I was looking for at Yoga Path. I wanted to both deepen my own practice and learn how to share my passion for yoga with others. My yoga experience had been mostly a fitness practice. At Yoga Path, we explored all the facets of yoga, which not only strengthened my knowledge about the physical, but clarified and expanded my understanding of the mental and spiritual connection. Kate Suchanek emphasizes how we can bring yoga to meet the needs of everyone and practice safely. The experience of being in her 200YTT class was profoundly transformative. The three month immersion into the world of yoga was a joyous adventure. - Colleen Buras


Yoga Path was and continues to be a gift. I grew from a yoga student who practiced asana only to a yoga student who studies the full scope of yoga and is eager to learn more. To anyone who is seeking a full yoga education and the support and encouragement to share the light within you... this is the best place to do so. - Brittany Lynn Kriger