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Yoga Nidra Training


Yoga Nidra Training

Part 2
Quantum Embodiment Yoga Nidra Training Weekend: Become a Catlyst for Restoration & Change

This immersion has been postponed!
Check back for updates.

This trans-formative weekend is the second part of the Yoga Nidra Training in Quantum Embodiment. Quantum Embodiment is the ability to access and integrate every level of your being i.e. the subtle body, higher self intuition, the physical mind and the physical body. When you embody your authentic, soulful self you are able to touch those around you without physical engagement. This 3 day immersion-training will be a weekend of inner connection as well as training to help encourage your authentic teaching style. This will include one on one and group practice sessions, business how to and the cultivation of soulful embodiment as you give the gift of Yoga Nidra.

Upon completion you will be able to:

Guide people through several meditation techniques
Guide people through several yoga nidra techniques.
Deepen your teaching experience
Learn to Guide people through Restorative Breath-work, Visualization and physical release.
Understand manifestation through the Energy Bodies
Give Group and Private Yoga Nidra Sessions
Integrate Yoga Nidra into your teaching practice
You will receive:
Yoga Nidra Manual
Yoga Nidra Guidance/Flip Cards For Support
Yoga Nidra Training Certificate
20 Continuing Education Credits

The prerequisite for this training is the Yoga Nidra Immersion. There will be a 1 hour Silent lunch break on Saturday and Sunday. Bring Your Lunch