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Confession of a Co-dependent

Yoga Path

I was watching a documentary on Hank Williams last night, and one of the commentators said that when an artist aligns with their own truth, everyone around them is better for it.  

These past few months I re-entered Yoga Path acknowledging that this business was not only something I signed up for, (literally signed on the dotted line), but it is a way to align with my truth.  With the help of so many honest, strong, wise, and beautiful students, teachers, friends, family…and yes, especially the ones who really challenged me, it was up to me to honor that responsibility.  

Getting to this point has at times felt like I was clawing my way up a painfully slippery sIope of doubt and endless mistakes. I created more conflict and chaos by looking for answers everywhere but inside of me.  Ask this FINALLY conscious, co-dependent and I will say; nothing angered me more than being told I did something wrong.  I would immediately go to, ”but don’t you know how much of myself I have sacrificed just to keep you happy?!  And you dare to not be?!”  Ugh.  Blek!  

I have an Irish temper, (or maybe just my dad’s), and I will react in a heartbeat.  I do not always carry myself the way I would like.  My very private and personal, internal, and eventually external chaos came from my firmly held belief that apologies and forgiveness weren’t enough.  I also was supposed to let the energy of a person and situation back into my life in an attempt to “keep the peace”.  And guess what?  I EXPECTED that in return!  There is no one in that relationship who can move forward in peace.  

I couldn’t give myself permission to forgive myself.  Mistakes, pain, they meant I failed when they really just meant I was human and I was trying.  I couldn’t sit with the pain I caused or was done to me. If I couldn’t sit with it, I couldn’t learn from it either.  I ignored my own healing.   I needed to keep whoever upset me, or I them, close by so there could be reassurance that “we” were okay.  When you live for external validation there is no “I”,  just a big goopy mess of “we”.  Ugh.  Blek!  

I was missing all that “good” stuff that really feels terrible and really feeds our growth.  Its taken a long time to see that sitting with the pain of the situation and letting it be a painful situation was my work. And to be very clear, there are definitely relationships I have fought for, and have been rewarded by years of intimacy through the surviving of good times and bad.  There are definitely times to stick it out because there are relationships that are monumental in accepting ourselves for all of our parts and pieces.  Discernment and forgiveness have guided me to wise and nurturing relationships and began to fill the toxic way I approached heartache.  There has been a lot of time just floating in the space between letting go of habitual responses and not knowing what the new response is. 

Yoga Path has been a place that holds many relationships for me that are extremely challenging because I am exposed to interactions and confrontations that I can avoid from the safety of my close network of intimate friendships.  Yoga Path holds people like Beth.  She helps me protect myself and others from my sharp tongue and quick reactions. It holds people like Becky, who is unrelenting in her teachings of breathing into that pause we are gifted with BEFORE or even INSTEAD OF reacting.   

I have made decisions that really angered some people, that created a nest of gossip, that caused uneasiness and triggered that familiar fear of “now what?!”  I’ve been given more two cents than I ever asked for, and unasked for two cents can tie my belly into a million knots.  Discernment, forgiveness, hasn’t taken away the gut wrenching I feel in conflict. It pulls me out of it.  

So, Yoga Path has been one of those relationships I have fought for.  It has been very validating for me to have stuck with it through the good and bad times.  Every time I take a step with Yoga Path in a direction that aligns with what I’m supposed to be doing on this earth, I can feel the shift of energy.  It gives me the strength to deal with the fall out.  My decisions are made to help define my direction, and not to take away from someone else's.  As I become more defined, it opens the door for others to see that maybe they need something else, and maybe they are the one to provide it in their own unique way.  

I can’t yet spell out what this purpose is because it is ever evolving.  What I am doing is trusting the stillness that comes when I step into my truth.  It has opened me to a storehouse of inner strength, that even when I’m shaking to my bones in the face of conflict, I can still own my truth.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this before.  

No one is good at conflict.  No one likes it.  No one I know, that is. But I know I’m growing because it no longer overwhelms me when I walk in the door of Yoga Path.  I’m no longer carrying the weight of the junk that wasn’t mine to carry.  I’m finding a strength within myself as I see that I can accomplish certain roles in running this business that I never thought I was capable of handling.  I’ve stopped giving up on myself.  I’ve stopped handing over my responsibilities to others because I lacked the faith in myself to put one foot in front of the other.

A yogic lifestyle absolutely honors the duties and responsibilities of running a business, paying your bills, honoring the space you are holding for others through your work.  Yes, you can still get in my face and make me shake to my core.  But what I have stopped giving permission to, is allowing it to change me to fit another’s view of me.  Yes, I check in with people when I know I’m not staying in my own lane.  Yes, when I get “hit” I reach out for help, and yes, if I’m screwing up I will eat my humble pie.   

It’s about time I gave myself permission to be ok, to make mistakes, to learn, to do well, and to let others be who they are too.  Pretty sure this is a ride for a lifetime.  

Keeping It Simple

Yoga Path

Dear Students,


I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!  

Love, Kate

Y'all!  I am so ready to get back to the studio and around all my peeps!  Wednesday at 1pm I head to the doctor and get my cast. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that it is definitely best I have a good hard cast on this leg before I'm set free in the studio with my new 4-wheeling scooter (thank you to my aunt, "Marry Kate").  Having already tried the no-hands, one-legged soar across the room, (picture sunbird pose but on only one leg and wheels). I didn't pull it off.  It needs some practice.  I’m pretty sure that last sentence is where I seem to steer off track.  (Maybe I should just get dropped off at the studio with crutches sans scooter.) 

I am looking forward to teaching my classes again and seeing my peeps. I am looking forward to diving back into the teacher training 

( *YTT PLUG: Fall session starts 9/15, pay your $200 deposit to begin your free unlimited yoga membership)  

I say I'm coming back to teach this Thursday.  Of course, especially with the 5:30p class, its been a pattern of “I’m back…oops, not really,…..I’m back…..well, maybe not yet,…..I’m back).  However, my mental and physical stamina are back.  I feel strong inside and out.  My body, for all of its injuries is stronger than ever.  HOWEVER…

Out of respect for Beth and my husband ("my decider-ers”), I'm learning to trust them and do as I'm much as I can. These are two peeps in my life who have borne the brunt of my duties and responsibilities for almost an entire year now.

And here’s the thing…

When I’m gone from teaching for awhile, say even a week for vacation, I am a little nervous that first class back.  Since my wreck, coming back to teaching…it scared me. I wasn’t ready, physically or mentally.  But I push, and I push, because I have to wear that badge of honor that says, look at how strong I am!  Well, that now feels like a dunce hat because I see that when I come back after begin away from my classes, I fall on what’s rote. 

I teach how I was taught when I worked with my two main teachers.  These teachers were tough, strict, demanding, trained by the best of the best, and held very high expectations of their students.  I sought out this type of teacher and I am honored to have had the chance to study with both of these women.  I am grateful for the experiences of those trainings as they have been monumental in my moving forward.  

AND,  my body was also much younger when I was studying under them. It’s time I lean more into the compassionate side of my training.  Thank you Kripalu.  I have GOT to learn to stop pushing so hard all the time.  That is the lesson screaming at me from all sides. It hasn’t been the only one; I’m just ready to look at it.   Seeing it from a different perspective, I see I have some work to do.

My work has a theme no matter the layer of the onion. Simplifying; letting go to create the space to literally breathe comfortably.  I consistently make choices that result in making things more complicated than they need to be.  I’m learning to follow some of the best advice I’ve never listened to until recently.  My friend Camie always says, “Girl, you gotta stay in your own lane.”

Sutra Sundays, (*another plug….Sundays at 10:30a taught by Beth and I), have been focusing on the yama brahmacharya and we are practicing noticing areas of excess and non-excess in our poses, in our breathing, in all areas of our lives.  The areas that are full of excess, we can choose to clear out.  I remind my student-teachers in YTT to teach from personal experience.  My therapist reminds me we practice what we most need to learn ourselves.  I’m listening.  

I’m listening.


Summer Schedule

Yoga Path

It took me 7 months to the day to get back to teaching. It kicked my ass. I had to get a sub for my last class by the second week. Thank you, Adam!  We teach what we most need to learn. Yoga Path’s vision, to bring compassion into the world, is my biggest lesson. It is very difficult for me to admit I push too hard. Being around the studio, all of you, I am lifted up and put in my place daily.  

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Yoga Path

Dear students,

In an effort to make things easier, we are switching software from MindBody to KarmaSoft. We have had a lot of issues getting things to sync up between the MindBody app, online purchases, and in-studio activity.

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Humble Pie

Yoga Path

I have eaten my words so many times, you’d think I would have slowed down to taste them. But all I had done was gulp them down and ruminate on my failures. The shift to a more positive way of living came when I stopped eating my words and sat down to a full plate of humble pie…

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Yoga Path

“After my ATV wreck and because of the extent of my injuries I spent a few months in a neck brace. For me, wearing a neck brace meant having to hold my head up high while steeped in my biggest lesson yet in humility…”

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Yoga Path

“I’m not feeling very inspirational or bursting at the seams with some nugget of experiential wisdom.  It’s been hard to forgive myself for not being stronger, more productive, more disciplined.  All those beautiful demons that argued in my head pre-wreck, well, they are back. They want their pound of flesh.  The crash is still the best thing that has happened to me in regards to my spiritual journey.  Integrating it into my body, breathing mindfully when I remember, painful awareness of the dialogue that has kept me so stuck…that is all part of the beauty of having a toolbox of yoga tools to process trauma…”

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Yoga Path

“…overwhelmed not so much by the sorrow of it all, but by the human dignity,  the almost supernatural ability to face the abyss and still order scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.”  —excerpt from The Probable Future written by Alice Hoffman. 

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New Year!

Yoga Path

We are happy to be able to offer such a diverse group of teachers who not only honor the spirit of Yoga Path, but who also come from solid top notch training programs.  Our class schedule offers a variety of classes for people, no matter their skill, level, and age.   New to yoga?  Check out our upcoming workshop just for you!…

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Yoga Path

“There is a lot about money and the relationships we make around it that is very revealing. Getting my finances in order is something I have successfully avoided for most of my life. I avoided it because I knew my relationship with money was unhealthy, unbalanced, and irresponsible.  I knew to take a look at my finances meant I would have to make changes.  When we live each day on every conceivable level trying to maintain balance, healthy or unhealthy, it requires dedication and energy.  Change throws that out of whack. It requires even more…”

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